Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A thank you group quilt - a year in the making!

The time is flying this year and I've found little time to post.
I have however taken lots of pictures of what I've been up to and will post them later on.

Today I wanted to post a beautiful quilt that I was lucky enough to be a part of.

Last year I participated in a Cotton Robin.  Julie runs this wonderful online group in which you send in a center block - row one.  A Round is added to your quilt - row two.  Another Round is added - row three.  Lastly the quilt is quilted, binding, label, and sleeve are added then the beautiful FINISHED (Part I like best - no UFO :) is returned to you complete! Well, last year one of the finished quilts got lost in the mail!  We were of course all upset and everyone put their hands up offering to make a replacement for the missing quilt.  Then, once the replacement quilt was started, the missing quilt showed up.  Someone, I can't remember who, suggested we make the new quilt for Julie.  At this point (small - one round, maybe two) Julie knew about the quilt.  Then we all went silent, she knew we were making 'a' quilt but never imagined it would GREW to this!

This quilt now belongs to Julie @ The Cotton Robin.

This fun quilt passed by my way in June 2013.
I received this block:

And after I added my round I sent if off looking like this:
Julie sent out a wonderful thank you to everyone involved:
Jay, Nan, Laurina, Tami, Sophie, Rachel, Marie (me), Liz, Mary Jane, Glen and Sandra. 

It was exciting to follow along and see the pictures as each row/round was added.  This quilt has traveled many miles and is filled with much love for Julie and all she does for us!!

I can't say enough about the people who run these online challenges.  Their time and energy inspires us all.  I will follow up with pictures from the round I did for the 2013 Cotton Robin in future posts.  I also plan to post on the other challenges I've been a part of and will add links so you can go and see these creative people.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday!

Well I haven't carved out a lot of sewing time this week as I have had my hands full with a new & exciting project!

I am a founding member of the latest Modern Quilting Guild

We are all very excited about getting together and exploring everything Modern Quilt!!

If you are interested you can sign up to follow us by email on our webpage.
We are also on FaceBook
Our next meeting is Tuesday, March 11th @ 7PM!
****If you are in the area, stop by and check us out****

Twill is a wonderful shop full of beautiful fabrics and yarn!
And a very welcoming and creative atmosphere for our meeting place! 

So for my WIP I pieced together my fifth block in my Free Motion Quilting Sampler Quilt and machine stitched over the seams.  Here's a picture of it so far.

Will be using Leah Day's stitches 41-50 on this one and hope to get back to it this weekend!!

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Free Motion Quilting Project


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WIP Wednesday!

Been dabbling this week...

First, finished my last 8 'Beads on a String' for February Block Lotto.  
This picture shows all 9 for this month.

I found the first one to be quite challenging but once I had the technique down the rest went rather quickly.

I continued on my Free Motion Quilting Sampler Quilt using Leah Day's designs 31 through 40...

Here's the front...

 And the Back...
These are a lot harder to see in the multi-colored background so here are a few close ups to view...

I have added a page to my blog to update the placement of each square into the quilt.  Check it out!!

And lastly I played with my stash using one main fabric plus four 'shades of purple' fabrics incorporating the disappearing 4-patch design.
Have 3 of each of these blocks - 12 total and plan to add a border.

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